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Senses Candles and Sprays to Match Every Room

Scented candles, diffusers, and room sprays are easy ways to create a different environment for each room in your home. Fragrance can be an overlooked element of décor, but adding a candle to your coffee table, countertop, mantel, or side table is an easy way to elevate your space.

With our Senses Collection, you are sure to find the perfect fragrance to fit your sophisticated style. The simple but timeless vessels make this collection easy to pair with different décor styles in your home, so without further ado here are our scent pairings for every room! 

Senses Collection Firefly Candles

Scents for the Living Room

Your living room is the central space of the home, so it's important to be ready for anything. Whether it's entertaining or just relaxing, it's best to have a scent that sets a foundation for your main space. 

A worthy complement to your central space is an uplifting scent with ambiance. We recommend the Senses 14 oz. Orange Neroli Candle or the Senses 14 oz. Amber Glow Candle for your living room. Orange Neroli offers a fresh fragrance with a hint of fruit for a clean yet playful scent. Amber Glow is a great spiced scent option for entertaining with its balanced notes to last throughout the dinner party. These large vessels also add a colorful glow to the room as you burn them.

 Senses Collection Firefly Candles

Scents for the Kitchen

For a room that is already full of delicious smells, subtle scents are the way to go. You always want your kitchen to smell fresh and clean, so fragrances that are uplifting and neutralizing are the ideal pair. That's why our favorite kitchen candles are the Senses 5 oz. Candle - Garden Path (also available in 14 oz. candle) or the Senses 14 oz. Candle - Ocean Air (also available in a 5 oz. candle). 

Garden Path is a light woody fragrance with a hint of sweet honeysuckle while Ocean Air is an airy fresh scent with a touch of citrus. Whether in a small or large vessel, these scents are guaranteed to be the perfect companion to your cooking space. 

 Senses Collection Firefly Candles

Scents for the Bedroom

Bedroom scents should be soothing and well-suited for a state of relaxation. Filling your spaces with calming aromas such as the botanical elements of Senses - Forest Floor (available in a 5 oz. candle, 14 oz. candle, or room spray) helps your bedroom be an oasis of scent-renity. Forest Floor features notes of gardenia, fresh bamboo, and jasmine to help unwind.

If you are looking for something with a little spice for an added ambiance, we recommend Senses -  Wood Smoke (available in a 5 oz. candle, 14 oz. candle, or room spray). This woody fragrance features notes of citrus, clove, eucalyptus, cedarwood, and musk making it a well-balanced subtle scent.

No matter which candle or room spray you decide to place on your bedside table, bedroom scents are intimate and choosing a favorite helps you build a personal space of serenity for yourself. Escape and rejuvenate with our selection of bedroom candles and room sprays. 

 Senses Collection Room Spray Firefly Candles

Scents for the Restroom

Refresh your restrooms with a room spray that will make your dreams of having an at-home spa a reality! Scents used in the restroom should leave the space feeling crisp and clean. If you have a restroom that is tight quarters, make sure to avoid heavy smells as they might overwhelm the space. 

If you're looking for something light and airy, we recommend the Senses 3.4 oz. Room Spray - Ocean Air with its fresh notes of jasmine, lily, and soft musk. If your preference is more citrusy, we suggest adding the Senses 3.4 oz Room Spray - Orange Neroli to your countertop. If your favorite scents have more floral notes, we recommend adding the Senses 3.4 oz Room Spray - Garden Path to your powder room for a sweet spitz!

 Senses Collection 5 oz. Candles Firefly Candles

Using a variety of different fragrance methods is also a great way to layer scents in your home and keep your space the freshest it can be. Candles are a classic companion for entertaining and ambiance. Diffusers are a great option for larger spaces or a space that needs a consistent release of fragrance without a flame. Room spray is the perfect quick refresh for your space - mist linens, throw pillows, and more for a scent boost in your busy spaces.

We hope our Senses Collection highlight helps you pair the perfect scent with each space in your home. 

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