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Our Top 5 Candles for 2022

At Firefly Candle Co. we celebrate people - from the artisans and dreamers that craft our candles to those who enjoy them throughout the year. To celebrate the New Year, we want to start by evoking your creative spirit and showcase our top 5 candles for home, office, or wherever you need to harmonize and reenergize. 


This Aglow Gilded Fig 12oz. Candle will bring bright, luminous, and rich energy into your room with its warm light and gilded accents. Keep the golden spirit of the New Year glowing through all of 2022 with this earthy scented candle. 


Refresh your home with the simple, fresh, and airy Botany Sea Salt and Oak 13 oz. Candle. This beautifully colored glass vessel offers a pop of color to create an inspiring space for the New Year. The two-toned glass canister serves as a perfect lid or stand for your candle. 


Just as the name suggests, the Classic Grapefruit Mangosteen 10 oz. Candle is just that - classic, elegant, and sophisticated. Your home will flourish and bloom with this blend of floral and citrus scents in the upcoming year. 


Give your kitchen or office a fresh start with our Keepsake Lemon Hibiscus 4 oz. Candle. This ceramic candle is playfully shaped like its scent. After burning, you can use keep this vessel as a reminder of the New Year! 


Inspired by the Earth and its elements, this Sahara Tobacco & Tonka 9 oz. Candle brings a bit of the outdoors in. If your resolution is to get outside more, this is a perfect pair for you. We know you can’t always escape into the wilderness, so this candle is a great reminder of all the beautiful parks and sunsets you have seen. 

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