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Pairing Candles and Combining Candle Scents

Layering fragrances helps create a new experience by pairing some of your favorite candle scents with a balancing partner to refresh and renew your home's atmosphere. By introducing a second candle, you are allowing the scents to accentuate one another and create a more natural and full fragrance. 

We picked out a few of our favorite scent combinations to give you a head start on putting together your own Firefly Candle pairing.

Amber Oak + Oakmoss Sandalwood Firefly Candles

This pairing of Amber Oak and Oakmoss Sandalwood highlights the simplicities of nature with classic woody scents and a bit of spiced fragrance too. These colored glass vessels also pair beautifully together offering a balanced neutral and a pop of color to liven up any room. Bring home this set of candles for a rich and warm boost to your coziest spaces.

Amber Oak:
T: Green, orange, apple
M: Rose, Jasmine
B: sandalwood, oakmoss

Oakmoss Sandalwood:
T: Citrus of lemon and bergamot
M: Earthy notes of patchouli
B: Cedarwood, sandalwood

Green Bamboo + Tea Tree Rose Firefly Candles

Refresh and renew with these fresh fragrances. This pairing of Tea Tree Rose and Green Bamboo is the perfect balance of fresh with a hint of sweet. We recommend this pairing for communal kitchen spaces where you want to keep things airy and bright. 

Tea Tree Rose:
T: Tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint
M: Fresh lemon, bergamot
B: Bois de rose, lavender, jasmine

Green Bamboo:
T: Fresh ozone, green bamboo, bergamot
M: Gardenia, lemon
B: Jasmine

Lake Air + Blue Tuberose

Fresh and airy with a hint of floral is the ultimate pair to bring the refreshing energy of springtime to your space. Lake Air and Blue Tuberose are the ideal combination to brighten up your living room or home office with a touch of blue and inviting fragrances.  

Lake Air:
Top: Ozone, Marine, Citrus
Middle: Lily, Cyclamen, Earthy
Base: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Musk

Blue Tuberose:
T: lily of the valley, soft jasmine
M: leaf green, cucumber, apple
B:Violet leaves, linden blossom

Vanilla Santal + Fresh Cotton Firefly Candles

This classic combination of Santal Vanilla and Fresh Cotton is the perfect pair for the spaces you want to smell soft and clean. We recommend this candle set for rooms where you don't want to overwhelm the space such as your kitchen or bathroom. 

Vanilla Santal:
T: Fresh, camphor, eucalyptus
M: Lily of the valley, raspberry
B: Cedarwood, sandalwood, musk

Fresh Cotton:
T: Clean, fresh, lily
M: Jasmine, citrus
B: Violet, musk

Glow is a creative and expressive blog space from Firefly Candle Co. These articles are here to serve you - as a resource for all your candle questions, for style inspiration in your spaces, and all things in between. If you have any questions or requests, please reach out to


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