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Bridget's Best Picks: Candles and More!

This month at Glow, we are chatting with Bridget Boccaccio, our Sales Manager for Firefly Candle Co. 

Bridget has been with this division of DesignWorks Collective since Firefly was added to our family of brands in 2019. Her favorite part of the role is getting to hear customers’ and sales representatives’ responses to the product and being able to apply that feedback and personal touch in product development. 

Now without further ado, here's Bridget's Best, her wise advice on the best candles and more for your space:

Best Candle Care Tip

"Trim the wick - it helps your candle last longer which is always what we want! Another quick one I’ll add in there is don’t put your candle next to an open window, fan, or something that will move the flame. It will cause staining on your vessel and keep your wax from burning evenly."

Best Candle 

Keepsake - Lemon Hibiscus 4 oz - "I love fruity scents and this one makes me think of sweet tea and sitting on the porch in the summer. It’s such a nice refresher for your space and this vessel is too cute not to be my favorite."

Best Candle Tin

Black Tin - Campfire - "This scent is my go-to in the tin. It’s just enough to fill your home with the scent of a campfire without having to wash all your clothes and hair the next day after a bonfire! It is all the best parts of a fire without having to freshen up after."

Best Diffuser

En Plein Air Diffuser - Tobacco Oud - "This diffuser is the best everyday accent and fragrance for your living room, in my opinion. It gives off a sophisticated smell and is really the perfect all-season scent."

Best Scent Profile

"My favorite scent profile is a mix of fruity and fresh. I love scents that brighten up the room and remind me of warmer seasons. Two really good examples of this in our line are Cactus Blossom and Grapefruit Mangosteen."

Best Repurposable Vessel

Sahara - "I think I am going to have to go with these ceramic vessels because you can use them as a succulent or cactus planter after you remove the wax. It is so nice to grow new life out of these containers after you enjoy your candle!"

Best All-Around Collection 

Cucina - "My all-around favorite! This collection is so useful after you clean out the wax, these vessels can be used as measuring cups. It’s so intentionally created for every day and works with so many different home aesthetics. Definitely check this one out for your house or gift for a loved one!"

Best New Collection for 2022

"Keep your eyes out for our new Terrace collection. I think it is going to rival my top spot for my favorite collection! This collection will feature bowl-style candles with multiple wicks and playful patterns - After burning, you can repurpose these vessels to serve a tasty meal at your next dinner party. They’re absolutely perfect for spring and summer entertaining! Another bonus is they are dishwasher and microwave safe. We are so excited to launch this collection and share it with you all!"

Thanks again to Bridget for her best recommendations. We hope this will keep you all inspired to try something new and excited for our collection launches this spring and summer. 

Glow is a creative and expressive blog space from Firefly Candle Co. These articles are here to serve you - as a resource for all your candle questions, for style inspiration in your spaces, and all things in between. If you have any questions or requests, please reach out to


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