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Product Introductions: Reed Diffusers

Checking "Reed Diffusers" off of our goal list for 2016 felt good, having them quickly become one of our top selling products in 2017 feels even better! Reed diffusers are a fabulous way to add fragrance and style to any room. 

Our simple blend of fragrance oil wicks up the rattan reeds to create a fragrance bloom that will fill your environment. Once you've opened your reed diffuser you will find 10 rattan reeds to insert into the fragrance blend. The more reeds you use the more full your fragrance bloom will be. For a more subtle bloom, use less reeds. 

Natural movement in the room helps to strengthen your scent "throw", or distance traveled by the fragrance, however if you may want to rethink placing your diffuser by a door to the outside or air vent. 

We recommend flipping your reeds every few weeks to keep your reeds healthy and fragrance bloom refreshed! Your reed diffuser will have a fragrance life for up to 3 months. Enjoy!


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