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5 Ways to Attract More Fireflies


One of our favorite parts of summertime is spending the evenings outside on the porch. Part of the charm of a summer evening is watching the fireflies. Our memories of catching fireflies are so fond that they inspired our name! We think back to the days when we were too young to appreciate a luxury candle, so we settled for a mason jar full of fireflies instead. In honor of our 5th summer of business we thought we'd share some simple gardening tips to bring the fireflies to your yard this summer! 


1. Plant Perennials 
The pollen and nectar these flowering plants produce are a firefly's favorite food!
White Cone Flowers are the perfect firefly food and grow great in Tennessee!
2. Plant Ornamental Grasses
The higher the grass the better the habitat for fireflies to live!
3. Plant Shrubs
Having shrubs in your yard allows fireflies a place to hide from predators.
4. Turn off your porch lights 
Fireflies that flash are actually males trying to attract females. By turning off your outdoor lighting, fireflies will assume that your yard is an open field full of ladies in waiting!
5. Avoid spraying with pesticides 
Self explanatory...


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